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Stick & Shoot and Hockey Skill Classes

Stick & Shoot and Hockey Skills Classes

Skills and Stick & Shoot sessions are $25 per person Limited to 16 Skaters and Two Goalies

Minimum required equipment is: a helmet with a cage or half shield, hockey gloves, elbow pads, & shin pads. Participants are encouraged to wear full hockey equipment. Beginners are welcome and loaner equipment, including skates, is available if you want to give hockey a try.


  • Check Home page Google calendar for days and times.
  • For Kids and Parents Only. Parents MUST wear a helmet. Kids are required to be in FULL hockey gear.

Hockey Skills Sessions

Hockey Skills Classes are designed to offer a series of hockey and skating drills to improve your game play and conditioning.

All classes are open to everyone at all skill levels, and are oriented for adults. Classes are taught by instructors that also teach our youth and adult hockey schools.

Class size is limited to 30 players and 4 goalies. Reservations are encouraged but not required.

To reserve a spot, ask questions, or send comments, please email