Figure Skater Guidelines

  •  Skaters are required to register online.
  • Prepay on the website. NO DROP-IN
  • Sessions will be 1 hour for $25. No discounts or discount Cards  will apply at this time. 
  • Through June 30, 2020 no cash/check payments or drop-ins will be permitted. 
  • NO Refunds, Exchanges nor credits will be awarded for missed sessions. No exceptions.
  • THESE SESSIONS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE: we need to accurately account for each skater. 

Please Enter the Building thru the FRONT door No earlier than 15 Minutes before your session. Always exit through the side doors only. Skaters will enter through the front door and exit out the side door of the rink. 

 Skates and skating attire must be worn before you enter, there will be no seating allowed in the lobby to minimize exposure 

Face masks(Cover) are required to be worn at ALL Times.  On the Ice the choice of wearing a mask is up to the individual skater but highly recommended.. 

Social distancing of at least 6 feet apart will remain in place for ALL areas of the Rink including the Ice Surface.

All warm ups must be done outside prior to entering the building. 

The lobby and bathrooms are closed at this time. 

Rink music system will not be available for individual use.

Skate Guards are to be kept with the skater and placed in specific spots. Skaters must bring a small plastic bag for used tissues and take that bag when they leave. 

Limit items on top of the boards. Skaters may not share any items. No bags may be brought into the rink except the kiss and cry bag. 

Skaters must check in at the front for each session individually. 

Waivers are available online and must be completed for every day you come to the rink, waivers can be used for multiple sessions on the same day

Everyone is required to follow the written and posted and verbal instruction from the rink staff at ALL times.

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