Private Lesson Coaching Guidlines Covid-19

Private Lessons are limited to registered Coaches at Nazareth Ice Oasis San Mateo, ANY other coach need to be approved by the skating director.
PRIOR to purchasing sessions Sessions purchased without PRIOR approval WILL NOT BE honored.

  • Coaches must pay for sessions online BEFORE entering the building. 
  • Coaches must check in at the front and complete a waiver
  • Coaches may be subject to temperature check. 
  • Coaches must wear a facemask at ALL times in the rink on and off the ice. 
  • Coaches must enter and exit the ice through the doors at the far end of the rink. Coaches room and lobby are closed at this time. 

There is a limit of 6 coaches per session. 3 on each player’s bench, 6 feet apart. 

Coaches must maintain social distancing with each other and their students. Per CDC Social Distancing  guidlines and the following CDC protocol

Please limit what you bring into the building and onto the ice. The more you bring the more risk of germs. NO FOOD.

Please check before you leave the bench that you have taken all of your belongings and trash.

The music system and harness are NOT available at this time. 

No off-ice or group activities are permitted. You may not coach more than 1 skater at a time. 

Everyone is required to follow ALL the written and posted and verbal instruction from the rink staff at ALL times.

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